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About us
Our team promotes the technologies and scientific achievements in professional cosmetology.

InnSkin is a functional cosmeceuticals with directed action based on innovative components: colloidal metals, biocompatible minerals and natural biologically active substances and antioxidants.

We have created functional concentrated products to fight specific problems and to control the genetic risks associated with skin aging.

  • 4 innovative scientific laboratories
  • Team of chemists, biologists, geneticists and cosmetologists
  • Exclusive research and development process #highrussianscience

Personalization of at-home beauty care

We use modern diagnostic tool GenIQ genetic test to personalize at-home and professional beauty care recommendations

Our products

InnSkin сыворотка Lifting
Functional serum InnSkin LIFTING
(Au + HA) against wrinkles, fine lines with strong lifting action
InnSkin сыворотка Pigment
Functional serum InnSkin PIGMENT
(Colloidal Cu) against dark spots and elimination of couperosis
InnSkin сыворотка Acne
Functional serum InnSkin ACNE
(Ag+Retinol) against inflammations to control acne-prone skin
InnSkin сыворотка SOS
Functional serum InnSkin SOS
(HAP+HA) for immediate recovery of skin damage of different origin
InnSkin сыворотка Antioxidant
Functional serum InnSkin ANTIOXIDANT
(DHQ) against oxidative stress for strong antioxidant protection
InnSkin сыворотка Redness
Functional serum InnSkin REDNESS
(G. MAGIC GRASS) for moisturization and elimination of skin hypersensitivity

Our advantages

  • Innovative ingredients
    Biocompatible and bioactive components of InnSkin products solve a certain problem and provide effective prevention of genetic risks
  • Technologies
    InnSkin technologies are an association of developments of the leading russian scientific laboratories for skin health and beauty
  • Continuous support of specialists
    Our team provides full technology support and continuous training on InnSkin products and GenIQ personalization services

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